Say hello to hassle-free home selling

We make a promise to get you moving on with your life. So it’s always satisfying when we’re able to give our customers exactly what they want.

Over the years, our service has helped many people get the quick property sale they wanted and we’re proud to share their success stories.

I was upsizing and needed to sell my home urgently….

Maxine had a found a larger property that she loved and needed to sell her house fast. Keen to move, Maxine came to  Halifax Property as she heard about our great reputation online. We explained to Maxine that with Halifax Property, we cover all legal fees.

As always, we kept our word and provided Maxine with an offer in under 24 hours. Not only that, we managed to have the whole sale completed in just 13 days!

Maxine was so happy with the process, she decided to leave a great review on our Trust Pilot page!

“Always available and in touch. They took the time to listen to what i wanted and were there to help and keep our sale on track. Thank you so much to everyone in the team for everything you did. Would highly recommend.”

Completed in 13 days An offer in 60 mins

I fell ill and wanted a guaranteed quick sale….

When Doug fell seriously ill, he was no longer able to work and started to fall behind on his mortgage payments. Amongst the many things to worry about, Doug was afraid of leaving his wife behind with a big mortgage hanging over her.

We helped speed up the process of selling a house as much as we could. Better still, we were able to cover the mortgage arrears.

Completed in 39 days  An offer in 60 mins

 We inherited a property we didn’t want….

Brothers, Gregg and Michael, inherited a property that they didn’t really want. In a lot of cases, an inherited property seems like a good thing at first but in fact can throw up all kinds of legal issues. This happened to be one of those tricky cases.

Both Gregg and Michael were both busy with their jobs and didn’t really have the time to deal with all the legal stuff, so they turned to  Halifax Property for a simple alternative.

We explained the services we offer and within hours had made an offer in principle. They accepted our offer and we were able to take all the strain and achieve a sale in a quicker timescale than you’d expect from such cases.


Completed in 38 days An offer in 60 mins

My partner got a new job and we needed to emigrate to Australia….

When Gavin found out that he had got a new job over 9,000 miles away, he was keen to get moving so he could start a new chapter in his life – therefore time was of the essence.

Rather than risk placing his home on the open market without certainties, which could have taken months to attract a buyer and would be hanging over him during his new adventure, he turned to Halifax Property for a free, no-obligation offer that he accepted.

Completed in 36 days  An offer in 60 mins